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Why should I have a blog.
Published on August 14, 2008 By d-freak In Everything Else

I am using the internet more than 10 years now. I used newsgroupes, bulletin boards, email, ... but blogs, never. I was asking myself "Why should I use a blog?". Nearly everything you can do with a blog you can also do with a bulletin board. But now I realized that its a completely different way of publishing as I cutted my bulletin board down to the funktionality of a blog. Now I nearly stoped publishing news on my bulletin board but I want to give this "blog-thing" a chance.

on Aug 14, 2008
I'm not too sure what to say here. I enjoy having a blog as I've had different forms of them since 2002. I mostly use it as a journal for friends and family as I moved 1500 miles away back in 2002. It is a nice alternative to setting up your own website, though I have one of those now. lol